Individual commitment for a group performance,
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Working at Belspeed means more than the daily commute and a pay slip at the end of the month. Primarily it means: contributing. Contributing to the development of high-quality services for leading companies in fashion & lifestyle. Working with intelligent, talented and passionate people who are proud of what they do. Working, but with an added value.

Belspeed offers you the opportunity to use your talents in an environment where mutual respect, co-operation and encouragement are key. An environment where clear communication, a hands-on-mentality and a positive attitude are valued.

Use your talent and contribute to our cause

Our employees make Belspeed work – not the other way around. Maybe you will make your own contribution soon…

Meet some of Belspeed's talents:


I’ve always been fascinated by the internet and its remarkable continuous development. I’m very grateful to Belspeed for the opportunity to specialize myself in the ecommerce part. The main part of my job as Project Manager Ecommerce is therefore supporting clients in their ecom start-up phase. This ranges from setting up a warehouse structure to ensuring the daily monitoring of operations. In addition to all the above we’re also constantly searching for improvements of the existing procedures, IT wise or warehouse wise.


I have been HR Manager at Belspeed since July 2012. The development of employees is a priority at Belspeed, and with an adequate training and career development plan I try to streamline it. Naturally I am also the person everyone comes to if they have a question. For a passionate music fan such as myself, the song ‘Coming Home’ of one of the world's most legendary rock bands perfectly sums up my initial period at Belspeed. Because that is how it feels, coming home, in a team with energetic and fun colleagues.


As Transit manager I am responsible for an efficient flow of both incoming and outgoing goods. Our dispatch department, in close co-operation with our international partners, ships thousands of boxes and hanging garments every day. My job is to develop new methods to efficiently get the goods to their final destination. Over the years I have acquired a lot of experience by working at the different sites: Kruishoutem, Beveren-Leie and Ghent.


As Customer Care & Sales Responsible I search for the best solutions to meet the needs of prospects and clients. My main job is drawing up commercial and service level agreements and also to continuously communicate towards clients. The international network of partners and clients, the constantly innovating & evolving logistics processes and extensive know-how of the many colleagues make Belspeed the ideal work and growth environment for me.


Along with the colleagues of the IT department my job is to effectively implement new systems & processes and streamline them. Our aim is to constantly optimize internal operations and collaborations with our customers. In 2007, after working as an order picker and later as a teamleader, I was given the opportunity to work with the IT team. It was the ideal moment to combine my knowledge of multimedia and IT with my experience in warehousing. A successful combination, if you ask me.


As Credit Controller I ensure timely payments of our clients so that the company has enough cash flow. I also work closely with the other departments to give clear answers to any questions and solve any misunderstandings. With my years of experience in various international companies I was looking forward to working in an entirely new environment: fashion & lifestyle logistics. Belspeed is a fast growing company, constantly looking for new ways to innovate, improve and grow. This was an unique opportunity for me to elevate credit control to a higher level.


As Customer Service Employee I am the direct contact of our clients. With an eye for detail and quality I am responsible for the receipt, preparation and follow-up of their orders. Proactive thinking and guaranteeing an optimal service are my priorities. The day-to-day client contact and my active participation in optimizing existing processes ensure this is and remains an interesting job. Thanks to my years of experience my colleagues can always count on me for assistance and help.


As a customs employee, I, as well as the team, fulfil the necessary customs formalities. Due to the complexity of the matter it is not always easy for our customers to do this from a distance. We take care of the customs documents, look after the transport and are present in case of inspections. Belspeed gave me the opportunities to learn new things and acquire experience. The great atmosphere and fun colleagues motivate me every day to do what we are good at: assist our clients with advice and information to elevate our services to a higher level. 


Globalization means we now import goods from all over the world. Through conference calls, meetings and visits to suppliers and clients, we build a real bond. This allows us to make well thought-out decisions and adapt our services to the client's wishes. Why I love my job at Belspeed? As Import Manager I was given the freedom to give content to my job and the opportunity to grow in my job. Many companies promise this, but very few come through on that promise. Belspeed does come through by giving people opportunities and I for one am proud of that.

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