Mission & Vision

Belspeed in 3 words?
Better, faster, stronger



Belspeed is a growing ‘supply chain solution’ company, active in the wonderful world
of fashion & lifestyle.

Our ambition? Worldwide foothold in all leading fields of the fashion industry. Our mission? Provide excellent logistic services to our clients so that they can concentrate on their core business and stay one step ahead of the competition.
This operational excellence is achieved based on a profitable, ambitious and realistic business model.

We always pay attention to a stable and healthy relationship with our employees, suppliers, investors and all local and global partners.



Belspeed wants to grow to provide even better services. We strive for operational excellence in all possible fields: distribution, logistics, customer service, account management, customs, import and IT.

We go for considerable growth year after year and want to generate a profitable turnover. We already belong to the top of Europe and we want to continue strengthening this position. We also want to be active on the international and diversified market and that's why we try to generate a large part of our turnover through foreign customers.