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06 May 2014 - Announcement

Belgium’s fastest growing company in fashion and retail, FNG (FNG Group NV, Euronext Brussels Vrije Markt) has taken the decision to outsource all her logistic activities to Belspeed, the key player in fashion & lifestyle logistics. Both Flemish companies will combine forces intensely over the next few years in order to further extend their spectacular growths.

FNG is known for its famous brands Fred & Ginger, CKS, Van Hassels, Claudia Sträter, Baker Bridge en Expresso. Belspeed already provides logistic services to the world's most important fashion houses and in March 2014 Belspeed even made the news as a result of them taking over the Dutch TNT Fashion Group.

Belspeed and FNG have chosen the strategic location of Antwerp East Port at Grobbendonk for the set-up of their new warehousing complex. This 25.000 m² site, half of which is dedicated to FNG, at the brand new distribution center between the major highway E313 and the Albert Canal offers strategic advantages. Not only the close proximity to the major highways is a big plus, also the direct connection to the new container inner harbor holds extra possibilities. On top of that Antwerp East Port is located at the heart of the Benelux, this being the center of gravity for both the companies activity wise. In the long run this new logistic hub will be good for about 250 fulltime jobs.

The alliance with Belspeed will enable FNG to focus on the core activity, being that of a brand establisher. Over a period of ten years and under the leadership of Dieter Penninckx, Manu Bracke en Anja Maes, FNG grew into a prominent fashion retailer in our parts. In 2013 a turnover of 131 million was recorded. The key of FNG’s success is the conscious decision to go for ‘home-produced’ fashion, with strong concepts, meant for the consumer who distinguishes himself as an ‘added-value-seeker’ in every price segment. Statistics prove that this target group keeps paying attention to fashion and quality, even in difficult economic times. The unique approach, of respect for creativity and focus on the result going hand in hand, really makes the difference. In the years to come FNG strives for continuous growth. To live up to these ambitions FNG regularly invests in human resources and mean. Consequently FNG opened about 20 new stores and started building new head quarters at Mechelen.

For Belspeed this collaboration is an important step in its growth. As of 2010 the company is being run by Johan Milliau, Steven Rymenans and Philippe Desmedt, supported by Saffelberg Investments. With the acquisition of TNT Fashion Group, Belspeed has become the biggest logistic service provider in fashion & lifestyle in the Benelux, owning a strong reputation in retail & wholesale in all of Europe. For 2014 Belspeed aims for a consolidated turnover of 150 million EUR.

The explosive growth of internet sales during the past few years has paid of tremendously. Today Belspeed’s e-fulfillment activities are good for 25 % of the turnover. Every year more than 6 million packages are shipped to online customers.

The management of both companies are very delighted with this strategic alliance and want to enhance each other in their further internationalization.

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For Belspeed:

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