Our own sealed storage area under customs supervision
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A customs bonded warehouse is a sealed storage area where imported goods are stored under customs supervision. The destination of the goods – domestic or abroad – is still unknown for certain goods. The goods are 'stuck' between origin and destination.

No import duties and VAT

As long as the goods are stored in the bonded warehouse, no import duties and/or VAT are owed. Only upon leaving our bonded warehouse and if the goods enter the EU market, import duties are owed.

Strict conditions

To enjoy these advantages, Belspeed and its customers must respect strict conditions. Belgian Customs carry out physical and administrative inspections every day. They check our entire stock administration and are entitled to impose fines if we do not meet all requirements. The storage in a bonded warehouse is not limited in time. Goods may be manipulated or undergo manufacturing operations.

Your advantages

  • Extension of payment of import duties
    and/or VAT on imported goods, resulting in an improved cash flow position.
  • No payment of import duties
    and/or VAT for goods exported outside the EU, unless otherwise agreed between client and final recipient.
  • Unlimited storage period.