Belspeed takes a broad view

Our activities are mainly located in Flanders, between Antwerp, Ghent and Kortrijk. Belspeed manages four ‘pick & pack’ storage areas, a distribution centre and a client service centre in the east of Belgium.

We make large-scale investments in all our sites. Not just to provide room for growth, but also to offer continuous improvements.


Room for growth

For instance, in January 2014 we thought it was high time for a new storage area to provide better services for a number of fastly growing contracts. In February we found a location in the seaport of Antwerp and four months later we enthusiastically will start using 20,000 m2 of warehouse and 2000 m2 of office space. 


Accessibility, our strength

Our head office – with offices and 20,000 m2 of warehouse space – is located in Kruishoutem, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. Logistically seen, this is an excellent location because it is close to the E17, one of the main European motorways running from Scandinavia to Spain.

Our national distribution centre and an extra ‘pick & pack’ storage area are located in Beveren-Leie, 15 kilometres from Kruishoutem, close to the French border. From here we also service our international transport partners. Total floor area: another 20,000 m2.


Investing in today and tomorrow

The technological evolution is not standing still. Today's systems are outdated tomorrow. Because we want you to be, and remain, up to date, Belspeed recently decided to invest intensively in software and hardware. A smart move, because all our systems are now state-of-the-art.

An example? Our new WMS Red Prairie. Warehouse Management Systems plays an important role in effective and efficient supply management. The Red Prairie system offers complete functionality and automates the entire logistics process – from reception, storage, selection and packaging to shipment. The system also focuses on quality control and precision and streamlines all tasks and actions in the storage environment.

On top of that, we efficiently organised our existing infrastructure and implemented ERP, customs, virtualisation and ‘track & trace’ programs. This allows us to further streamline our activities and increase the satisfaction of our clients. Because that is what we do it for.

Change to your benefit

Belspeed understands the logistical ins and outs of the world of fashion and lifestyle. We are able to respond very quickly to changes in the range of a brand or to unexpected changes in the vision of a brand. Our secret? The simple but very efficient and flexible philosophy applied in all our warehouses. In a couple of weeks we are able to adapt our WMS and storage capacity to changes. At least every three months we look at the expected evolutions in terms of range, growth, incoming and outgoing volumes etc. Thanks to our economies of scale we are able to respond fluently to changes – to your benefit.