Because we reach for the sky

Belspeed demands the best for its clients: the best service, the greatest care, the most efficient logistics. How do we achieve this? Through intense collaboration, by mapping your needs and outlining a clear-cut plan for the future. The following steps guarantee that you are heading in the right direction at any moment:


Sales department

Starting from the first commercial contact we always depart from the client's needs. We listen to your story, study your needs and aspire to a positive and constructive long-term relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. The sales division bases itself on a profitable, ambitious and realistic business model. Which is an advantage for all.


Project manager

In joint consultation with the client, the project manager lays down the operational agreements in a service level agreement. Every quarter these agreements and the quantifiable performance arising from this are discussed with the client. This allows us to continuously improve the co-operation process and make changes on time if necessary.


Account manager

After the initial contacts with the sales division and the project manager, the account manager takes over. The account manager is involved from the start of the process and becomes the main contact for the day-to-day communication with the client. He or she will help you with any questions regarding order processing, transport planning, complaints or return handling, exports and invoicing.