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Flexible deliveries

Your clients expect flexible and reliable deliveries. No problem, Belspeed works with traditional couriers and pick-up points. Couriers deliver every order at the correct destination quickly and in perfect condition. But you can also choose pick-up points. When ordering via the webshop, your client selects a pick-up point near his house, work, the kids' school… These are very accessible shops with long opening hours.


Avoiding returns

Through clear communication and product information you inform your clients and ensure their purchase meets the expectations as much as possible. However, the handling and packaging of an order is just as important to avoid returns. That's why Belspeed is continuously investing in advanced technologies to increase the precision when picking e-orders.


Low shipping costs

Most online buyers are very sensitive to shipping costs. In fact 50% of e-shoppers sometimes cancel a purchase because of the high delivery cost. Thanks to the enormous volumes we process every day and our partnerships with international couriers we can easily meet the demand.


We handle

300.000 e-orders
every month

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