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Aim high and go far.

During the preparations of the Vogue September issue, Anna Wintour – chief editor, widely praised throughout the fashion world – upped the tempo. She pushed designers to get their collections in the shops sooner than usual. This is quite a challenge, because on-time delivery all starts with efficient shipments. And this just so happens to be one of the strengths of the Belspeed import team.

Like no other we understand the challenges you are being faced with in today's world of transport and logistics. You can count on our many years of expertise and know-how to help you successfully tackle these challenges.

Thanks to our global network we are able to guarantee the highest quality, always and everywhere. For example, we can easily take in all incoming shipments via the port of Antwerp and/or Brussels airport.

Our import team maintains our high quality standards by continuously and constantly monitoring your shipments via air, sea and land from start to finish. We also handle all your customs and VAT related matters with the greatest care. All this whilst keeping the best solution at the best price with the lowest ecological footprint in mind.

Thanks to our global network we are able to guarantee the highest quality.

As you can see only the best is good enough. We aim high by working as one to ensure the same objective : 100% satisfaction.


Worldwide import

Import possible from all over the world, from Northern Europe to South-east Asia.

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