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Another major pillar of our company is logistics. With as much as 85,000 m² of warehouse space we process over 30 million pieces every year.

Upon receipt of goods in our distribution centre, an elaborate chain of events is set in motion. We start with unloading the goods and examining them on accuracy of delivery. Our main concern at this stage is whether the shipment is complete and in good condition. After completing this step, we move on to the next ones.

These next steps encorporate labelling, storing, picking, packing, preparing for shipping, ... . At your simple request we can go even further : performing quality controls, gift wrapping internet orders, ... You name it, we take care of it.

Thanks to our advanced logistics system we are able to guarantee not only a swift and flawless performance, but also absolute quality, flexibility, precision and transparancy regarding your goods.

As we offer a one stop service there's no need for you to manage different suppliers, warehouses or manufacturers so you save a lot of time and money.

Logistics is so much more than just going over a number of procedures

To sum it all up one central logistics partner means a fast, simple and targeted service at one central location. There's no need for you to worry about any of these steps as we do it for you. For us, logistics is so much more than just going over a number of procedures. For us it's all about keeping our promise to you so that you can keep yours towards your clients.

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